Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Steampunk Gun Project

Since we are on the subject of teh steampunk...
These are my Nerf gun mods. I was lazy and didn't bother disassembling them before going to town, but the big revolver is no longer operational anyway, so it didn't matter much for that one. The sci-fi gun is a bit sticky, but fairly operational.
I primed the guns with a plastic primer spray, then gave each a couple coats of the base metal color. Dry brushing, touch-ups, and the wood grain were painted with enamels, and both were antiqued with a store bought black antiquing kit.
The big revolver incorporates lamp parts, bits from a cheap but ornate picture frame, and decorative jibs from the craft store. My sci-fi gun has an old television vacuum tube, an inexpensive LED flashlight on top, a drawer pull, fuses, and gauges I made from stuff I had lying around, and a color printout.
Click the images for a larger view.

©2010 Calluna Dellamorte

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  1. How has nobody busted a geeknut over these yet? That revolver is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and I've seen dwarf wrestling.